30. 9. – 4. 10. 2024


21. – 25. 10. 2024

GGSC course is suitable for people who develop others and lead mentoring or coaching conversations – including educators, leaders, and managers or independent professional coaches.


This in-person course will be conducted in Slovak and in Czech
language and will consist of the following parts:


the five-day training itself


one individual 90-minute coaching session with a Gallup strengths coach


Three-hour preparation for the final test


test in English, which will not be time-limited and an average level of a foreign language is sufficient


the science, expertise, techniques, tools, practice and experience you need to positively influence people’s lives with the gift of strengths

the skills to help the people you coach better understand their talents and strengths, navigate their challenges, move forward when they are stuck, and reach their greatest potential

many materials in digital and physical form for individual and team coaching and coaching of managers

time-unlimited access to a large volume of materials that are available only to certified coaches

discounts on the purchase of codes for the CliftonStrengths questionnaire

international Gallup Certified Strengths Coach certificate

The course also includes the CliftonStrengths All 34 talent. Refreshments during breaks and an excellent lunch are provided throughout the training. The joint program starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. Except Monday, when it starts at 8:30 a.m., and except Friday, when it ends at 3:00 p.m.

Participants who successfully complete this course can earn professionally accredited hours from ICF, HRCI, and SHRM.

Lecturer of the GGSC course

Use Your Talents Platform Leader
Gallup® certified strengths coach

RNDr. Jozef Kokoška

I am a lecturer, mentor, consultant and coach in the field of talents and leadership and change management. I am a Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach. In the past, I was a General Director of i strategic programs implementation division at Accenture for several years. Although I have a degree in Mathematics and a lot of work experience in various fields, experience in management and leadership in a large company, and I enjoyed my work and I found it meaningful, only before I was 50, I met with the talent approach and discovered my mission that was written in my heart. I am touched when I see what the recognition and acceptance of talents leads to, what an amazing potential it reveals and releases in people.


Jaroslav Dodok

CEO of Mavio Media, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

“Each of us possesses talents; that much we already know. Through this training, it becomes evident that when individuals develop these talents, they experience a demonstrably improved quality of life, heightened work productivity, and their companies achieve greater profitability or philanthropic impact. The training was truly intensive, filled with inspiration, abundant data, research findings, and new tools.”

Katarína Slováková

HR Business Partner Expert for mBank branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

“I highly recommend the GGSC course, especially for those ready to uncover their uniqueness. It provides insights on how to effectively leverage your potential and acquire the ability to guide others toward success.”

Mária Grajcárová

Project manager, lecturer, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

“After encountering the talent approach, I knew immediately that I wanted to pursue it. What appealed to me the most is its emphasis on the uniqueness of an individual, and its applicability to every area of life. Completing the GGSC course and subsequently obtaining the Gallup Strengths Coach certification felt like a natural progression. I highly recommend the course to anyone who recognizes the value in personal development, self-awareness, and aiding others in discovering their uniqueness. It has opened up new possibilities for self-realization, giving my life profound meaning.”

Barbora Palaščák

COO Business Park Slimák, Image Consultant, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

“After five unforgettable days spent on the GGSC course, I gained the assurance that EACH of us possesses an unprecedented power within, waiting to be unleashed and harnessed purposefully. The course provided know-how, practical exercises, extensive study materials, access to a global network of coaches, guidance from TOP specialists in Slovakia, internationally valid certification, and instilled the belief: “IT IS POSSIBLE.” Indeed, my life, the lives of my clients and business partners, as well as companies and organizations, can attain EXCELLENCE. I cannot help but mention the support of a community of amazing people who not only live out their talents daily but also contribute to the development of others’ talents.”

Marianna Seman

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach  

“I enrolled in GGSC because of my son, who insisted he had no talent. When people perceive themselves as lacking any special abilities, such as in sports, music, or similar pursuits, they may feel inferior or unimportant in this world. And yet, that is not the case; quite the opposite. Everyone harbors an incredibly vast potential that can be developed. Not just daydreams, but a beautiful and fulfilling life, if one knows his strengths. My son already understands this and is on a great path to progress.”

Places and dates


30. 9. – 4. 10. 2024


21. – 25. 10. 2024

5600 € + VAT (137 000 Kč + VAT)
Special offer for the first 15 participants:
4900 € + VAT (120 000 Kč + VAT)

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