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Mgr. Lucia Balgová

I believe that „LIFE BRINGS KNOWLEDGE AND KNOWLEDGE IMPROVES LIFE.“ I guide people towards knowledge by means of trainings and long-term development programs. I am happy to see when the new knowledge brings about their own „Oh, indeed“ moments, when they improve their people skills and change their attitudes and dysfunctional behavioral patterns. My values (not only) at trainings are HUMANITY, JOY, INSPIRATION, and USABILITY.
I have graduated from the subject of education of adults and have remained faithful to this subject – first, in a corporation on the side of the client, then on the side of the supplier. My life journey leads me and moves me up – as a person, as well as a professional. The talent-based approach made it possible to view myself in a different way. And as a certified talent expert cooperating with Use Your Talents, I have innovated my credo: „YOU IMPROVE YOUR LIFE BY KNOWING YOURSELF.“

My talents