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Ing. Petronela Grajciarová

I graduated from Environmental studies and Environment management, however, my life took a completely different course henceforth. For some time, I lived in Great Britain, I worked in a corporate, but I discovered my dream job in the non-profit sector. I worked in a non-profit organization for almost 9 years, where I dedicated myself to young people, to the development and preparation of accredited educational programs, networking, and building of relationships with various partners and members of youth organizations. Nowadays, I work as a personal and project manager at IPčko o.z. I have found out that I enjoy working with people and that I want to be fully committed to that both in my career, as well as a certified Talent Expert by Use Your Talents. I discovered my talents because of the talent approach and it changed my life. When working with people, I realize that it is key to discover one’s potential and to focus it in the right direction. My first talent is focused on the development of others. That is why I want to help others discover their talents and to change them into strengths which they can take advantage of at work, as well as in their relationships and families.

My talents