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Ing. Miroslava Guľová

As a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach and a Talent Expert certified by Use Your Talents, I take joy in observing and highlighting the strengths of every individual. Together, we uncover hidden potentials and work on developing these natural abilities, both in personal and professional life. I have never identified with assessing people based on their weaknesses, and I am grateful that years ago, I was given the opportunity to discover and name the abilities and talents I possess—ones I excel at and can further cultivate. Throughout my life, my interests have revolved around themes such as psychology, partnership, and parenting. It brings me great satisfaction to witness people gradually changing their attitudes and dysfunctional behavior patterns, simply by embracing their own identity and talents. I am fortunate to work with such a comprehensive and effective tool for self-development, which has not only brought immense joy, understanding, confidence, and contentment into my life but also to those I live with.

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