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Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach

Mgr. Barbora Palaščák

“Can a butterfly see its wings?“ came from the mouth of a four-year old girl. I cannot stop thinking about it. Every one of us is unique. There is so much beauty and potential – and so often, we overlook it.
I am a part of the Use Your Talents team because I have always brought encouragement and hope to people and I have been interested in how they proceed or move forward. The questions that I always asked invited towards reflection and depth. And they lead to growth. I did it as a lecturer at a medical faculty, in language schools, during my fifteen-year volunteering, when organizing culture events in cooperation with publishing houses, with civic organizations, and I continue doing that at my current position of a manager.
I search the uniqueness in people and their development on two levels. Firstly, I am a trained fashion stylist, however, I do not look for rapidly changing trends of fast fashion and their boxes with my clients, but a unique style of clothing (reflecting the colors, tone of complexion, hair, eyes, bodily (im)perfections, the type of figure…), which expresses their personality outwards. At the same time, I am a certified Gallup Strengths Coach which enables me to help people live who they are to their full, to enjoy themselves, their partners and families, work collectives or communities. Doing both these things gives me the feeling of being as if at the miracle of birth from a cocoon.
“Will a butterfly see its wings?“

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