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Jana Polednová

My 20-year professional experience has always been related to people. Whether it was positions in the area of HR, marketing or project management, my goal was to bring solutions that would satisfy my colleagues and clients at the end of the day. I love changes and challenges, which later made me focus on project management, where I enjoy the dynamics of the process, changes and searching of new solutions on the go. That was the reason I ended up in the world of corporations for more than 15 years, where the international environment, unlimited possibilities for self-realization, and last but not least, various cultures suited me immensely. Relationships were what always drove me forward and my reward were my colleagues and friends who called me up to talk not only about work, but also to share and look together for solutions to their situations, whether easy or complicated. At this time, I take advantage of my experience in Profesia company, which is a part of a Finnish company, where I work on the HR project manager position. In my work life, as well as in my private life, I take the opportunity to be useful in non-profit areas, by means of either volunteering or counselling. My first talent, Adaptability, greatly complements my passion for travelling and constant discovering of something new. Knowing my talents has given me a new dimension of perception of myself and I would like to pay this experience forward.

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