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Ing. Marianna Seman

After my studies at Žilina University, where I graduated from Marketing and Management with a Master’s degree, I left to England to work as an au-pair to learn a foreign language and mainly, to be with children. Being with children has been my dream ever since my childhood. Teaching them, taking care of them and finding that huge potential that they possess has always been fascinating for me. Upon my return from England, I started quite a successful career in the Kinekus company. As I was in constant contact with customers, I predominantly used my social talents there. But, my destiny led me to fulfilling my dream with children for a while, specifically in Finland. My Positivity led me to working as an assistant in an English preschool for two years. However, my next talent, Learner, drove me to learn Finnish as well and to make my dream of working with children come true officially, too. I managed to do that in Germany, after all, where in addition to learning German, I also graduated as preschool teacher. Before I could sense anything about talents, I became a personal, as well as a business coach in private Selan Lifeline Akademie in Germany. Being in frequent contact with people, working with them, looking for their potential and talents fulfills me and moves me forward.

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