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Ing. Marián Čaučík

I have graduated from technical subjects; however, I have devoted almost my whole professional life to the work with young people. First, as the chairman of eRko – The Movement of Christian Fellowships for Children, with our common mission to develop children and guiding youth in their volunteering ministry for children. Later, I worked as the director of the Good News (Dobrá novina) – because of this Christmas caroling initiative, that became the largest regular volunteering activity in Slovakia, me and my colleagues have built and managed a program of developmental cooperation with partnering civil and church organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa.
This experience has led me to being active in politics. I have realized that we, as a country, could function much better if the management of the state worked differently. In this phase, I encountered the talent-based development of strengths through the Use Your Talents platform and this approach gained my heart. Even though I had defined myself as a person who connected and interconnected other people before getting to know CliftonStrengths, thanks to discovering CliftonStrengths I got to deeper understand my TOP talent of Connectedness, as well as my other talents. I have gotten to know myself, as well as my colleagues better and many situations in my life have gained a new meaning. As a certified Talent Expert, I will be happy to help you understand the richness of your talents and to build your life upon what has naturally been given to you.

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